So begins the journey of software development.

Programming is a crowded space, I know from looking at my all time stats for each post on here and realzing my post with the most views is about my eye vision, and this is a dev blog! For sure it is a space that one cannot neglect, it’s been around 18 months since my last post.

Changing course. It is my hope that this entry will be the start of what helps others to make progress along their own means of programming. I will share all that I learn via YouTube, blogging, and through Udemy courses and books which I will give away for free if need be.

It’s easier to say that I program as opposed to work as a contract cheater for people graduating. The irony of all the people I’ve helped versus my deciding not to finish my University education, at least in my field it doesn’t matter as much as long as you have enough projects behind you.

Time to forge my process at the redline.