This is how I know I am a person with humility.

I drive a Scooter, Honda Metropolitan to be exact.

Look what I drive around, most of the time anyway, this includes during winter though less frequently.


People like to smile at me when they see this. I’m not huge, 6’2″, but that’s tall enough where I almost look like I belong in a circus on this.

There’s that joke about big girls and scooters: “fun to ride but you don’t want your friends seeing you ride one.” I wonder if this means I have no shame? Of course not. I’ve actually driven around a couple places so certain people didn’t see me. Most of the time that’s not the case.

I use this mostly for going to the gym and around town errands. Occasionally I’ll take it from Ames to Downtown Des Moines.


Besides any humilation factor, there are certain things that come along with riding one of these:

-Motorcyclists don’t give the low hanging wave

-Trouble doing over 35

-Tires wear out after 5-6k miles, small circumference.

Here are benefits of using a Honda Metropolitan, or just about any Scooter:

-Cops almost never pull you over, nearly impossible to get a speeding ticket, more likely a traffic violation.

-Full coverage insurance is just $75 for 12 full months (I mention 12 because some plans are only 6 months) with progressive.

-Over 100 miles to the gallon, even with me weighing over 200 pounds. People who are in the mid 100’s lbs or less could probably get 10-20 mpg more.

-Cheap and reliable, I have over 13,000 miles on this and have only changed oil and the tires. Scooters are around $2000 brand new and I suspect that this will do over 30,000 miles.

Not bad, if you can stomach your pride and are willing to be laughed at, these are ideal. Kids will still think you are cool (:



2 thoughts on “This is how I know I am a person with humility.”

    1. I suppose it is a bit tongue in cheek in regard to the scooter being a sign of humility. They sure are a lot of fun. I just use my car now. 🙂

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