The Eye Doctor says I have 20/400 vision.

Only when I read up close or do anything within 12 inches of my face do I not need vision correction.

My vision is right around 20/400, or thereabouts, is what the eye doctor told me, pretty bad. Still, the wonders of modern medicine, with glasses or contacts I can see 20/20 essentially.

20-400_vision as an example.jpg

My only concern is how I will do 15-20 years from now. My eyes are one of the most important parts of me and I can’t afford to have anything happen to them.

Without the aid of correction I do feel like I’m essentially blind.

Material science has come away in a lot of fields and the fortunate thing about this is with the refraction index of the glass that lenses are made of. Why do I mention this? It prevents you from having lensese that are extremly thick, hence the cock bottle glasses term. I may be an adult but I can still have my feelings hurt.


Glasses are essential, once or twice a year I get an eye infection or irritation and they are necessary for healing.

Check this off, not too much can be done about your vision other than taking good care of yourself. Hopefully I die before I reach a level of vision that is incorrectable. (:

2 thoughts on “The Eye Doctor says I have 20/400 vision.”

  1. Andrew,
    My name is Sam and I have extremely bad vision. Mine started to get worse in the 5th grade at a rapid pace. By the time I was in high school, it was almost 20/400. It slowed down eventually and stabilized at about 20/450 when I was 25. I am 51 now and a few years ago, it actually started getting better. However, I had to stop wearing contacts all together, or else I would need reading glasses now. At first, I would hold something way out to read it, then take my glasses off and move it less than 12 in. My vision is about 20/380 now. I have two pairs of glasses, one to see far off, one to operate my computer, and if I need to read something, I just take my glasses off together. I just wanted to share this with you, because when I was younger, and my eyes were getting worse, I was terrified that one day I would go blind. Don’t worry, It sounds like you are similar to me. You won’t ever be non-correctable. Hope this helps.


    1. Thanks for your comment Samuel. Yeah, for now, I’ll just be using my contacts when things get bad enough (and I mean really bad) I’ll consider lasik.

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