Adding a 3rd or more display with an external graphics adapter

I have a 2010 iMac and there is nothing to complain about with it. I did however have another 24″ display laying around that I wanted to use.

above my Windows machine there was a large 43″ TV I never used that would be perfect for an additonal workspace. I spend most of my waking and working hours in this computer den, why not make the most of it.

This is where the Coredy MDA1920 enters. The USB 2.0 to VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Adapter. It works on both Mac and PC. 2 orders later and $72 I had 3 displays on both my Mac and PC.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 12.11.27 AM.png

My Mac is my main development environment and the PC is what I use for my tutoring services and making videos for my math channel.

The box contains a micro cd, I suggest going to their website where you can get drivers for either the Mac or PC. I had no problems and once the drivers were installed it was as simple as navigating and setting up another external monitor like you normally would.

The only drawback is this is usb 2.0, don’t expect to watch movies or games on the display being powered by this adapter beyond 20-ish frames. The screen will halt and freeze otherwise. For normal productivity work this is ideal. Hope this post is of use to you.

Here are pictures of the setup

2016-09-07 00.10.24.jpg

2016-09-07 00.10.44.jpg2016-09-07 00.04.02.jpg2016-09-07 00.22.09.jpg

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