Building a business off a large platform.

Youtube is a popular platform to test without high overhead for any kind of hosting. It is something I would recommend for anyone with an idea to test it out on first on a platform with a large audience. If the idea you have has any merit and you have talent for it, you’ll gain at least some traction.
Just like blog posts on any platform (much like I’m doing here on this self-hosted platform for srchub), YouTube is a good place to build credibility, that’s what I did when building a tutoring business which involved screen sharing sessions over Skype and even doing the clients homework (which become over 50% of the revenue). My goal was to create hundreds of youtube videos and use this as a credibility builder with all those that approached me.

Around the beginning of 2013 I begin to work as a freelance tutor, I initially had some trouble developing leads, even though I posted all over the country on Craigslist. While some traction was gained it was evident I had to do something to differentiate myself.

Enter YouTube.

I already had textbooks, some with all the solutions worked out. I elected to go through and do most of the problems included in the book I had. I elected to do Trigonometry, as that is what I had tutored extensively while I was in college. In the process of tutoring it simply became easier and easier and thus trig was the easiest choice to make videos on that most people seemed to have the most trouble with. Of course there are higher math levels where help is still needed, beyond calculus things can get difficult and the people that contact me tend to throw their hardest problems my way.

Over the course of my making of YouTube videos I started to get a fair amount of viewership, a few thousand views a day. I created a domain and watermarked my videos for When you get traction you can actually make a little money off of the videos you have. Over time and using bulk editing, I made over 1000 videos.
In addition to monetization I used pop ups in the video for people to contact me if they had any tutoring requests. It got good enough I didn’t have to use Craigslist like I was previously to find leads.

Generating leads has a cumulative effect and over time I built up over several clients and people hung on to me; from trig or simpler algebra classes I took people through calculus and on to other classes. What ended up being my bread and butter were writing papers, as of this writing I’ve can impose over 200 compositions. Funny, much more than I was told I would write in my academic career by others.

A tutoring service is it’s own reward and over time I made friends with several of the people I worked with, a few have been with me from the beginning, going on over 3 years now (beginning of 2013 and mid 2016). I ghosted a undergraduate business degree and am in the midst of a MBA.

In the process of building my credibility and reinforcing and mastering what I had learned, I earned a little money, enough to partially pay for my internet service anyway.

Take the YouTube plunge, it’s not gratifying but is a good way to start rather than host your own videos immediately. YouTube will provide a way for you to learn keyword researching on a smaller scale for whatever it is you are trying to do.
So give it a shot, video is a great medium to convey what you have to say and in my case allowed me to prove myself to my clients before I met them.

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